Cognisant that our livelihoods are influenced with the availability of natural resources in one way or the other, we are proud to be associated with promoting sustainable management of natural resources in the Eastern Province of Zambia (EP).

As such, empowering Community Resource Boards (CRB) remain at the core of our activities. This is because CRB’s help to coordinate development at Chiefdom level in Natural Resources Development. They also provide opportunities and platforms for participation of community members in Resource Management. 

Chikomeni CRB of Lundazi District in the Eastern Province of Zambia is working in partnership with us on Community Resource Management and is very optimistic about working with ZIFLP.

During our visit to their community in Lundazi district of Eastern Province, Chikomeni CRB shared with us some of the projects that they look forward to venture in such as, Community Forest Management, Fish Farming and Climate Smart Agriculture.

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