About the Eastern Province Jurisdictional Sustainable Landscape Programme (EP-JSLP)

ZIFLP is transitioning into a pivotal investment phase of the REDD+ Program called the Eastern Province Jurisdictional Sustainable Landscape Program (EP-JSLP); a long-term Results-Based Climate Finance (RBCF) and follow-up program, emphasizing the importance of sustainable landscape management.

The Eastern Province Jurisidictional Sustainable Landscape Programme (EP-JSLP) is a results-based Government initiative developed to reduce emissions coming from unsustainable land management practices. The programme aims to incentivise and reward climate change mitigation and adaptation actions at scale for maximum benefits to accrue to communities.

The EP-JSLP will achieve emissions reductions by promoting interventions that prevent deforestation and forest degradation, reduce agriculture emissions as well as improve rural land-use planning and household energy generation. It is being developed by the Government of Zambia in partnership with the Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes (ISFL) of the BioCarbon Fund of the World Bank as a long-term results-based climate financing initiative. The Program is Jurisdictional in approach and performance-based in nature and will run from 2024 to 2030.

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