Promotion of Energy Efficient Cook Stoves


The Zambia Integrated Forestry Landscape Project (ZIFLP) is a Government initiative in the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment which supports rural communities in Eastern Province to better manage the natural resources of their landscapes so as to reduce deforestation and unsustainable agricultural expansion; enhance benefits they receive from forestry, agriculture, and wildlife; as well as reduce their vulnerability to climate change.

As part of working towards reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change, the project has been working with the Department of Energy to promote the use of fuel efficient stoves. This includes households in rural areas, in urban and peri-urban areas as well as through institutions of schools and prisons.

In rural areas, the Department of Energy has been training selected community members in the construction and maintenance of 2 plate fixed mud stoves. Being constructed of locally available materials and easy to maintain, the intention is to provide a cheap and easy to maintain for continued operation fuel efficient cookstove.

Some of the advantages of moving to a fuel efficient fixed mud cookstove include:

  1. Energy efficiency / Saves money – through reduction in the quantity of firewood used

The household Fixed Mud Stove uses less firewood than a traditional 3-stone open fire. The amount of firewood used in one day by a family using the traditional 3-stone fire stove can be used for 2-3 days when using a Fixed Mud Stove. The size of the pieces of wood can be smaller and therefore easier to collect and carry. A reduction in the use of wood fuel will result in greenhouse gas emission reduction and reduced pressure on the forest.

  1. Cooks faster: The Fixed Mud Stove produces more productive heat than a 3-stone fire therefore cooks food much faster/quicker. Additionally, designs such as the two-pot stoves provide the option of cooking more than one dish at the same time, cutting down on total cooking time. This social benefit enables household to use the spared time on other productive and income generating activities
  2. Less smoke: Because of their design, the Fixed Mud Stoves produce very little smoke, therefore brings health benefits to the household, particularly women. This can be enhanced through special attention to the type and quality of firewood used to near zero smoke.




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