Project Components

Component 1: Enabling Environment

This first component will create enabling conditions for livelihood investments to be successfully implemented and provide support for Local level Planning and Emissions Reductions Framework.

Component 2: Livelihood and Low Carbon Emissions

This component will focus on activities that improve rural livelihoods, conserve ecosystems and reduce Gas Emissions. This will encompass two sub components mainly;

a. Agriculture and Forestry Management which will focus on;

  • Scaling up of Climate Smart Agriculture practices
  • Community Forestry Management
  • Land tenure and resource rights regularization.

b.Wildlife Management

This subcomponent will have three major focus areas that include;

  • Support for the National Protected Area System
  • Community management of wildlife
  • Organisation of protected areas with a focus on Lukusuzi and Luambe National Park.

Component 3. Project Management

This  component  will  finance  activities  related  to  National  and  Provincial‐level  project  coordination  and  management,  including but not limited.

  • Annual work planning and budgeting
  • Financial Management and Procurement
  • Human resource management and safeguards compliance monitoring
  • Monitoring and Evaluation and impact assessment studies
  • Communication strategy and citizen engagement.

Component 4: Contingent Emergency Response

This component will provide assistance in the event of a disaster or emergency relief.

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