ZIFLP and Forestry Department working together to expand community forest management processes in the Eastern Province.

ZIFLP provides support to the Forestry Department with expanding the community forest management process in the Eastern Province. Banki CFMG is one of the 27 established community forest management groups that has been granted management rights of their community forest. The community forest management group is located approximately 30km North-west of Kasenengwa District in Chief Madzimawe’s Ng’ongwe ward. The community forest area being protected by the CFMG is surrounded by 25 villages and is 195 hectares in size. To help them sustainably manage their forest resources, Banki CFMG has been supported with a subgrant to venture into enterprise beekeeping and honey processing to the tune of ZMW 21,775,427 equivalent to $88,771.


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